Twilight weddings are a great way of cutting costs and formalities, so if speeches, tables plans and wedding breakfasts aren’t your thing, then a Twilight Wedding might be!  

If you’re getting the Twilight Vibes then here are five good reasons why a Twilight wedding might be for you. 

1. Chase the Sunset: Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of our historic ruins, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. If your ceremony is scheduled for 5 pm or 6 pm, consider holding it outdoors. The lush grounds of Godwick Great Barn provide the perfect canvas for your love story.

2. Organise Your Set-Up Crew: Since your set-up day coincides with the wedding day, rally your helpers early. By 9 am the next morning, they should be ready for action. Remember, Godwick Great Barn’s natural beauty requires minimal dressing. Keep it simple, allowing ample time for you and your bridal crew to get wedding ready. 

3. Ditch the table plans: Table plans can be tricky and take a lot of hard work to accommodate your guests wishes. Aunt Barbara won’t sit next to Uncle Jeff, Best Man Tom will only sit on the top table if his partner can too, and all the children want to sit together. With our twilight package, you can skip all of this. Three long rows of wonderful rustic trestle tables dressed as you like is all you need. Your guests can sit where they like, when they like!

4. Cheers to Welcome Drinks: Kick off the festivities with welcome drinks. Since Godwick Twilight weddings operate on a bar service basis, why not set up a tab? Treat your guests to their first drink on you! Our drinks service is customisable, so feel free to tailor it to your preferences.

5. Finally, we don’t want you to miss out on your dream sunset ceremony: Norfolk registrars charge a late ceremony fee for booking your ceremony after 4pm. However, we are more than happy to cover this fee for you as we don’t want you to have to pay extra for your dream sunset ceremony! 

Additional questions: 

Can I book any more accommodation than what the package includes?

Of course! Feel free to choose which package suits you best and add on any other Godwick accommodation to your liking once you’ve spoken to family and friends!

Do I still get a drinks reception?

Yes, you are welcome to finish off the ceremony with a confetti throw and move straight into the drinks. Our Godwick bar will be open straight after the ceremony for guests to purchase drinks, or you could set up a tab on the bar so everyone can have a free drink on you to get the celebrations underway!

Can I have round tables?

Absolutely, our round tables can be used at no extra cost, however they do need linen so this would be an additional cost with a hire company.

Can I still have evening guests?

An intimate ceremony can make it a little more special, why not have a smaller number come to the ceremony and a first drink, and allow everyone else to join just before the food starts?

Do we still get tractor rides?

Tractor rides are not included in the twilight package, but if you would like to add them on then please ask your planner for more details. You are of course welcome to walk up to the ruins with your photographer for those iconic ruins shots

For more information about our Twilight Wedding Package, follow this link or contact us on We hope to hear from you!

Article by Godwick wedding planner Hannah Sidell