We love Synched Events at Godwick and owner Penny has previously worked at Godwick as one of our wedding planners.

Penny though is not just a great wedding planner but also has an amazing eye for detail and styling and hence why her business Synched Events is such a hit with style conscious brides and grooms across East Anglia.

Luckily for us Penny has agreed to take on an additional role at Godwick and act as our in-house styling consultant, which means all our Godwick couples can have a one-off venue design consultation absolutely free of charge.

Just awesome, don’t you think? We hope so and we think it’s a valuable service to our couples. After all we understand that Godwick Great Barn can be a little daunting for a couple faced with such a large space to decorate and make feel their own, so some guidance of what can work and what’s been done before can be really useful.

Penny is so passionate about decor and styling, who better to ask. She told us:  “I’m obsessed with decor and those little styling details that make weddings so personal to each couple. I’m excited to be able to offer Godwick couples an initial venue styling consultation.”

Couples can use it as a chance to find out how to make the most of the space and start thinking about what they want to achieve with their wedding decor.

What’s our advice for Godwick couples who are beginning to plan their wedding styling? Gather your ideas and things you like the look of on mood boards, either physical ones or use a digital platform like Pinterest, which is great for getting all your ideas and influences in one place.

Most of all we hope you find your complimentary consultation with Penny useful. We love couples finding their own creativity and putting it to action at Godwick to create the wedding of their dreams and we hope we not only provide the blank canvas to stage your wedding in, but also some of the inspiration, help and advice to make it happen.

Penny’s brilliance has been in evidence for many couples at Godwick including Godwick Great Barn’s owner James, who’s says she has a great eye for creating stunning back drops and for adding lots of little touches that help create the WOW factor!  So to all Godwick couples, happy styling and creating, it really is the most fun part of the wedding planning alongside the wine, beer, food and gin-tasting that is!