Congratulations on booking your Godwick Wedding! 🎉 Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, but fear not—we are here to guide you through the process. Let’s break down your planning journey based on a timeline of 12 months. Some couples have more time, some have less, although in our experience only a few get married in less than six months!!

12+ Months Before Booking with Us – part one 

  • Decide on Your Budget:
    • As a newly engaged couple, it’s essential to discuss your wedding budget. Determine how much you’re comfortable spending on your special day. Remember that weddings can be expensive, but there are creative ways to cut costs and opt for budget-friendly alternatives.
  • Discuss Your Ideal Wedding Together:
    • Communication is key! Make sure you and your partner are on the same page regarding your dream wedding. Consider aspects like venue, theme, food, music, and any other elements that matter to you both.
  • Choose Your Guest List and Wedding Party:
    • Your wedding is a personal celebration, so invite the people who truly matter to you. There’s no obligation to invite plus ones or acquaintances you’ve never met. Keep in mind that a larger guest list can impact food costs, so consider trimming it down if needed.
    • From your guest list, select your Best Man, Groomsmen, Maid of Honour, and Bridesmaids. These roles are essential for supporting you throughout the wedding journey.
  • Decide on the Time of Year or Date:
    • Is there a specific month you’ve always envisioned for your wedding? Perhaps you want to tie the knot on a sunny Saturday for a weekend celebration. Alternatively, a midweek wedding can be equally charming. Midweek weddings are definitely increasing in popularity, so guests have become much more used to them.
    • Consider any special dates that hold significance for you and your partner—anniversaries, the day you first met, or other meaningful moments.
  • Start venue tours: When you step into the right space for your ceremony and reception, you’ll just know! Most couples visit three venues so they have something to compare each one with. Have a list of questions ready so you can ensure you get all the information you need before you leave the venue. Here’s our list of questions to ask on your venue tour. Most couples see on average three venues, so whittle your preferred list down, otherwise it’s going to take a while!

  • Book your venue: If you’re booking Godwick let us know your desired date, and we’ll provide a 10-day courtesy hold until your deposit secures your booking. Once that’s done… your wedding planning journey begins in earnest. How exciting!

  • Book your registrar, church or celebrant: In that 10-day window, reserve your ceremony. We recommend 1pm or 2pm for ceremonies at Godwick and 1pm for religious ceremonies in a nearby church. If it’s a registrar you’re after, here’s the link to Marry in Norfolk. 

  • Purchase wedding insurance: It’s boring to talk insurance, but we always advise taking this precaution in case any unexpected issues arise.

  • Meet your planner: Shortly after booking Godwick, you’ll be assigned a personal planner, and you’ll soon have an introductory meeting to start mapping out your wedding plans. Remember we share our list of recommended suppliers with our couples once you’ve booked, which includes caterers, florists, photographers, videographers, stylists and cake makers as well as other supplier categories.

  • Book your catering: Reserving your ideal caterers is probably the next priority, as their availability can also fill quickly. Whether plated food served to table, sharing platters or buffet stations, decide your preferred dining style and what you love as a couple!

  • Hire a photographer: These pros also book up far in advance, particularly if you have your heart set on one you’ve spotted on Instagram. Reach out to the TOGS whose style you love and personality resonates. Remember, you will spend a lot of time with these guys are on your wedding day, so having a good rapport helps.

Your Godwick planner will continue guiding you through all remaining details in the months ahead… part two on the next steps in the journey will follow soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

written by Godwick wedding planner Hannah Sidell