In the heart of February, the Godwick team of wedding planners, event, bar and operation managers embarked on a brilliantly creative brainstorming session, expertly facilitated by Rebecca from Smash Marketing.

Our mission? To delve into our company’s essence, unravel our cultural fabric, and define the bedrock values that drive our purpose. In simpler terms: Why do we do what we do? What’s our fundamental “why”?

A Tapestry of Heritage

Before we dive into our values, let’s appreciate our historical tapestry. At Godwick, we’re steeped in legacy:

  1. The Timeless Wedding Barn: Standing proud for over 400 years, our wedding barn exudes rustic charm and echoes with countless love stories.
  2. The Lost Village: A designated scheduled ancient monument, this site whispers secrets of generations past.
  3. The Church Ruin: Dating back to the Domesday Book, our church ruin stands as a testament to time.
  4. Fergie, Our Vintage Tractor: A quirky touch, Fergie chauffeurs couples into their happily ever after.

Crafting Moments, Weaving Stories

Godwick isn’t just a venue; it’s a magical space where moments crystallise into memories. Here, guests celebrate life’s milestones, weaving their personal narratives. Whether it’s a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a heartfelt reunion, Godwick provides the canvas for these cherished stories.

The Core of Our Culture

During our spirited brainstorming, we explored the contours of positive and negative working cultures. Drawing from our experiences at Godwick and beyond, we distilled a list of essential elements. Here’s what resonated:

  • Dependability – With You All the Way

From the moment you step foot into Godwick, we become your steadfast companions. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our wealth of experience ensures that your special day unfolds seamlessly. Trust in our unwavering reliability—we’ll walk every step of this journey with you.

  • Creativity – Your Day, Your Way

Your vision is our canvas. We take your ideas and weave them into reality. Our team thrives on creativity, fuelled by your unique concepts. Whether it’s an unconventional theme, personalised touches, or innovative arrangements, we’re here to make your day truly yours.

  • Outstanding Service – It’s All About You

At Godwick, service isn’t just a duty; it’s our passion. Our friendly and approachable team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. No query is too small, no detail too insignificant. Whether you’re planning a wedding, celebrating a milestone, or indulging in our luxury accommodation, we’re committed to creating unforgettable moments for you.

  • Environment – Nurturing the Past, Embracing the Present, Securing the Future

Godwick is more than a venue; it’s a legacy. We cherish our historical roots—the ancient barn, the lost village, the church ruin—all woven into the fabric of time. But we also look ahead. We’re stewards of this land, nurturing stories yet to unfold. Sustainability is our promise to future generations—to keep Godwick alive for years to come.

  • Collaboration – Crafting Perfect Partnerships

Together, we shape the Godwick experience. Our team collaborates seamlessly, and our partnership with you is at the heart of it all. Let’s create memories, celebrate love, and build upon the rich tapestry of Godwick.

The Unwritten Continuation

As we sat around the breakfast bar in the Old Stables, words danced on small pieces of paper. These words—our values—will guide us forward. They’re the unwritten continuation of Godwick’s story, etched into our collective consciousness.

So, here’s to weaving more memories, celebrating love, and living our values. At Godwick, we’re not just a place; we’re a canvas for your unique story.