At Godwick, we encourage people to make their own history, by celebrating those special milestones that will live long in the memory. Memories that you cherish, that you can almost hold, touch and smell, memories that chime in your soul!  

One of my favourite tag lines of ours is:  

Celebrate those milestones and add your story to a place with history in its soul… at a place with a story to tell.”  

It’s true…it’s not just marketing bluster. Godwick is rich in history, and it has a story to tell. Often I think it has much more of a story to tell than we know, but still it is worth reminding ourselves of its ancient past and its more recent milestones, which might not be of wider importance, but they matter to us.  

Godwick historical timeline 

1086 – Godwick FIRST mentioned in the Domesday Book – owned by Ralph de Tony.  

1586 – The FIRST Godwick Hall was built by the Drury family. A large three-story Elizabethan manor house, laid out with formal gardens and an early landscape park.  

1602 – Godwick All Saints church was rebuilt as a folly by Sir Edward Coke, five years after he had built Godwick Great Barn. The FIRST known folly built in the British Isles.  

1843 – The FIRST Godwick Hall was rebuilt at its current site 

1928 – William Garner took over Godwick’s tenancy, which was still part of the Holkham Estate. The FIRST Garner to farm Godwick.  

1959 – Just over 30 years later, the same William Garner bought Godwick. The FIRST Garner to own Godwick and thus ending 369 years of ownership by the Coke family.  

2009 – The FIRST wedding reception took place in the Great Barn of a cousin of the current owners and the inspiration for the transition from agricultural barn to wedding venue.  

2012 – Vintage Fergie makes its FIRST trip as wedding tractor transport.  

2013 – The FIRST legal marriage took place at Godwick Great Barn and we host our FIRST fundraising charity ball in memory of Sara Garner, who had passed away following a battle with breast cancer, earlier that year.  

2014 – Godwick hosts its FIRST same sex marriage.  

2015 – James and Aimee, the current owners, say I do at Godwick becoming the FIRST Garners to marry in the Great Barn and the FIRST guests schlamp in Godwick’s new shepherd’s huts. 

2019 – Lost Village of Godwick historical trail opened to the public with six information boards explaining the decline of the medieval village and the FIRST interpretation at Godwick to focus on the people involved with shaping this ancient landscape.  

2020 – Godwick Great Barn re-roofed – the FIRST time the barn had a proper insulated roof  

2021 – The Old Stables welcomes its FIRST self-catering guests.  

2022 – A wedding couple invite their goldfish to their wedding and seat it at the top table – a true Godwick FIRST. Two Lotus Belle Stargazing bell tents arrive at Godwick and host their first guests in off grid luxury glamping.  

2023 – Godwick hosts its FIRST glorious Asian wedding.  

2024…. Who knows, but the story will undoubtedly continue…