This exciting initiative gives online visitors a really good close-up view of the venue and accommodation, helping them to decide whether it is for them, or whether they want to investigate it further with an onsite private tour.

It is also an excellent opportunity for the business to use its virtual tour as a planning aid for its wedding planners, helping reduce the need for couples to travel to on-site planning meetings.

James Garner, owner of Godwick Hall, said: “The tour is a great way to explore Godwick if you are not there is person. It is a second-to-none substitute for the in-person experience allowing potential couples to book Godwick without visiting it.

“It’s also a great way for the business to reduce its carbon footprint by offering the tour as a great planning device for booked wedding couples and our wedding planners, reducing the couples and  our planners’  needs to always travel to Godwick for meetings.”

Given that the majority of Godwick couples live outside Norfolk this has quite a big benefit in cutting our carbon footprint.

Godwick Hall received funding from the New Anglia Visitor Economy Grant Scheme to help it create the virtual tour with an independent supplier.