Wedding budgets have become tighter over the last few years as inflation has hit wedding suppliers just like any other industry. Costs in fuel, food and alcohol have all shot up in the past two years, all key parts of a wedding, so understandably lots of couples are looking at ways to make their money go further. Here are five things to consider, so you can still have the wedding of your dreams. 

  1. Cut your guest list: Limiting the number of guests can significantly reduce catering costs. Focus on inviting only those who are truly important to you, and consider omitting plus ones to save even more. You could also opt for a smaller group for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, while inviting more guests for the evening party. We also offer Twilight Wedding packages which cuts out the wedding breakfast and goes straight to the food trucks in the evening – Click here to find out more
  2. Don’t double up on decorations: Repurpose ceremony decor for other areas of the venue to get more value out of your decorations. For example, floral displays can become centrepieces, flower meadows can adorn tables, and arches can transform into photo booth areas. Coordinate with your event manager to plan the redeployment of decor after the ceremony.
  3. Self-style your wedding: Consider doing some or all of the styling yourself instead of hiring a professional stylist. If you are a creative individual, then why not have a go yourself. DIY options like making drapes from fabric, repurposing jars and bottles for decor, creating your own confetti from dried flowers, and crafting your own signage can add a personal touch while saving money.
  4. Choose a midweek wedding: Opting for a midweek wedding can often result in lower venue and vendor costs compared to weekend weddings. Godwick offers cheaper weddings on Tuesdays or Thursdays and since COVID-19 people have become much more used to midweek weddings. Also remember this… vendors may have more availability, potentially offering better deals.
  5. Find collaborative suppliers: Look for vendors who are willing to collaborate or offer package deals. Collaborative suppliers may be more flexible with pricing and could provide bundled services at a discounted rate. This approach can help you save money while still getting the services you need for your wedding. For example, some of our florists and stylists offer collaborative offers, such as Floral Sistas and Synched events or Bracken and Twine for flowers and styling, or Array, Quirk Events and Smoke and Wildwood for prop hire and styling. 

Implementing any of these strategies can help you stick to your budget while still having the wedding of your dreams at a premium wedding venue like Godwick.

By Godwick wedding planner Hannah Siddal